A sensor is a device or integrated circuit that detects a specific physical parameter and converts it to an electrical signal. The output signal is processed and used to provide a measurement or to trigger an action. Examples include environmental sensors for measuring temperature or humidity and bio sensors for measuring physiological indicators such as core temperature or heart rate.

Our large selection of temperature sensor ICs support a wide variety of designs for both local and remote temperature measurement. These sensor ICs provide high-accuracy, low-power performance with real-time protection, robust interfaces, and compact packaging for use in industrial, automotive, consumer, data center and communications applications. Our growing portfolio of bio sensors provide high-accuracy measurement of body vital signs. These highly integrated bio sensor ICs offer low power operation in small packages for accurate body vital measurements such as temperature, heart health, and bio potential for use in mobile phones, wearable devices and clinical health patches.

Sensor Development Boards

Evaluation System for Integrated PPG, ECG, Pulse Oximeter, and Heart Rate Sensor Module


Allows real-time PPG and 1-lead ECG monitoring and includes data-logging capability.

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Evaluation Kit for Clinical Grade Human Body Temperature Sensor


Includes USB-to-I2C controller and GUI program to simplify evaluation

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Evaluation System for Integrated Biopotential and Bioimpedance AFE


Offers several configurations to enable a variety of measurements including ECG, BioZ and Pace Detection.

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Evaluation System for Optical Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor


Allows flexible configurations to optimize measurement signal quality with minimal power consumption.

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