MOSFET Drivers and Controllers

MOSFET driver ICs are typically architected in a bridge configuration and are used to drive external MOSFETs in power supply and motor driver applications. MOSFET drivers provide the timing needed to ensure that only one MOSFET at a time is conducting in the bridge.

ORing MOSFET controllers drive high power MOSFETs to replace ORing diodes in high-reliability, redundant, parallel-connected power supplies. Because MOSFETs have much lower on resistance than ORing Schottky diodes, their use results in lower power dissipation, smaller size, and elimination of heatsinks in high-power applications. ORing MOSFET controllers provide the control logic necessary to drive the power MOSFETs.

MOSFET Drivers 
Full/Half Bridge MOSFET Drivers 
ORing MOSFET Controllers