Today's smart phones and tablets combine incredible processing power (quad core gigahertz processors), memory, innovative software, and ubiquitous communications to provide both information and entertainment in a mobile environment.

Tablets utilize much of the same semiconductor technology as smartphones with the primary distinguishing feature being a larger screen. Tablets generally have a larger battery capacity and typically feature the most powerful processors available.

Enhancing Battery Life and Audio Performance in Mobile Devices

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Power Management

Smartphones and tablets continue to expand their feature sets. Newer models employ higher performance processors, more memory, and additional features. The battery, however, must not increase in size, so power management ICs (PMICs) with even higher efficiency are essential. In many mobile products the PMIC cannot provide all of the necessary voltage rails, so standalone voltage regulators are also required. Needless to say, space is at a premium. All ICs designed for mobile today need to offer extremely tiny solution sizes.

Our industry leading, highly integrated PMIC and power SoCs are ideal for smartphones and tablets. Please contact a Maxim Sales Representative for more information about Maxim’s latest PMIC technology for smartphone and tablet power applications.

We also offer small footprint switching regulators and LDOs for mobile applications.

Battery Fuel Gauge ICs 
Li+ Battery Charger ICs 

PMICs for Mobile 
Step-Down Switchers for Li+ Battery Applications 
Step-Up/Down Switchers for Li+ Battery Applications 

LDOs for Mobile 

Battery Management

A good user experience on a mobile device depends heavily on battery performance, especially battery capacity and charge time. Devices that provide accurate battery charge information and maximize safe charging provide the best user experiences.

Our wide selection of battery fuel gauges meet a variety of performance needs and include the most accurate fuel gauges available. Our battery chargers offer features that enable a wide range of design options including chargers that support the fastest available safe charging rates.

Learn more about our proprietary ModelGauge™ fuel gauge technology.

Battery Fuel Gauges 
Battery Chargers  


Smartphones require enhanced audio technology to achieve high quality audio. Two of the primary components include noise cancellation for improved listening in noisy environments and high power audio output for a more enjoyable speakerphone and music listening experience. Our high-performance, low-power stereo audio codec ICs improve loudspeaker performance while preventing speaker damage. Our speaker amplifier ICs combine superior sound quality with technological advancements that simplify the design process, save space, extend battery life, and reduce system cost.

Our patented Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM™) technology overcomes challenges presented by micro speakers. DSM creates a much louder and richer sound experience compared to conventional technologies.

Dynamic Speaker Management
Audio CODECs
Speaker Amplifiers


Because smartphones support programmable apps they are a great platform for emerging technologies. Many manufacturers offer distinguishing features, such as biometric sensors, within their mobile products to offer more versatility for customers.

Our optical sensor and proximity sensors support many applications in mobile devices.

Please contact a Maxim Sales Representative for more information amount advanced sensors for use in mobile devices.

Optical Sensors

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Low-Power and Space-Saving Op Amps
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Products
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Featured Products

Battery Management

Tiny Secure, Accurate Charger for Single Cell Li+ Batteries


This charger delivers a complete fuel-gauging solution in a tiny 15mm2 footprint. It integrates a stand-alone fuel gauge, a single-cell Li+ protector, and a SHA-1-based challenge-response authentication system.

High-Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator


The MAX77801 is a high-current, high-efficiency buck-boost targeted to mobile applications that use a Li-ion battery or similar chemistries. The MAX77801 utilizes a four-switch H-bridge configuration to support buck and boost operating modes. Buck-boost provides 2.60V to 4.1875V of output voltage range and up to 2A output current.

Dual Input, Power Path, 3A Switching Mode Charger


High-performance companion PMIC with ModelGaugeTM m5 fuel gauge technology.

Stand-Alone ModelGauge m5 Fuel Gauges with SHA-256 Authentication EZ


Offers nonvolatile memory (NVM) for pack-side, single-cell or multi-cell applications.

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7µA 1-Cell Fuel Gauge with ModelGauge m5 EZ


Combines coulomb counting and voltage fuel gauging for highest SOC accuracy.

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Stand-Alone ModelGauge m5 Fuel Gauge with SHA-256 Authentication


This ultra-low power fuel gauge IC with SHA-256 authentication doesn’t require characterization, ideal for pack-side implementation.

1A Linear Li+ Battery Charger with Integrated Pass FET and Thermal Regulation in 2mm x 2mm TDFN


Simplest and Smallest Charging Solution for Hand-Held Equipment

Industry's Smallest 1.55A 1-Cell Li+ DC-DC Charger


This device charges quickly with minimal heat generation. It charges from variety of adapters and maximizes Safety featuring JEITA-compliant temperature monitoring and withstands transient inputs up to 22V.

28V Linear Li+ Battery Charger with Smart Autoboot Assistant


This intelligent, stand-alone constant-current, constant-voltage (CCCV), thermally regulated linear charger is designed for charging a single-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery. This tiny charging solutions integrates many functions making it an ideal fit in smart phones, USB appliances, and Bluetooth equipment.

ModelGauge m3 Fuel Gauge


These battery fuel gauges provide excellent short-term and long-term accuracy by using both coulomb counting and voltage-based ModelGauge algorithms. ModelGauge m3 cancels offset accumulation error in the coulomb counter while providing better short-term accuracy than any purely voltage-based fuel gauge.


PMICs and Voltage Regulators

Single, Quick-PWM, Step-Down Controller with Dynamic REFIN


High efficiency, excellent transient response, and high DC-output accuracy, accepts inputs as low as 2V.

Dual-Phase, Quick-PWM Controllers for IMVP-6+/IMVP-6.5 CPU Core Power Supplies


2/1-phase-interleaved Quick-PWM™ step-down VID power-supply controllers for notebook CPUs.

Dual, Quick-PWM, Step-Down Controller with Low-Power LDO, RTC Regulator


Multipurpose controller configurable for system power, graphics, and memory applications in portables.

Companion PMIC for Smartphone and Tablet


This highly Integrated PMIC combines a switched-mode charger for a single cell Li+ battery, a backlight driver supporting 25mA and 35V output, and LDO, and a dual channel flash LED Driver.

Tiny Ultra-Low Noise LDO


This ultra-low-noise, low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator can deliver up to 150mA continuous output current while achieving a low 120mV dropout for 120mA load current.

Tiny 500mA Step-Down DC-DC Switcher


This tiny, high efficiency step-down convert switches at 4MHz and consumes only 24uA of quiescent current. Designed for mobile applications.


Maxim provides custom and application specific power management solutions to mobile products customers who specify and build their own smartphones and tablets.

Maxim offers the industry’s highest rail densities, highest efficiencies, and highest integration in switch mode voltage regulation products.

If you have a high volume smartphone, tablet, or mobile power management applications please contact a Maxim Sales Representative for more information.


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