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Our customers—whether they are large or small, established or just starting out, or somewhere in between—are all creating cool products that are changing the way that we live, work, and play. Read their stories to learn how they solved their design challenges with Maxim technologies.

Facilitating Reliable Semiconductor Production


"Maxim provides highly integrated functions and performance that our customers require with a reasonable price.”
 -Byoung Gi Kim, CTO, R&D, Digital Frontier

Featured product: MAX9972

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Creating High-Quality Smart Metering Solution


"MAX22445 helped us pass meter type tests with more stringent requirements than IEC.”
 -Joe Leong Kok Keen, Staff Design Engineer, Hardware, EDMI

Featured product: MAX22445

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Automating Patient Glycemic Control


"Maxim’s security ICs, including the DS28E83 and DS28E38 secure authenticators, enable us to ensure that the medication cartridges for our artificial pancreas will be used as intended and deliver the right dosages to the right patients.”
 -Jeff Valk, CEO, Admetsys

Featured products: DS28E83, DS28E38

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Redefining Motion Capture


"Maxim ICs are making our products work in a more stable and reliable manner.”
-Dr. Tristan RuoLi Dai, CTO, Noitom

Featured products: MAX17224, MAX14841E, MAX809S, MAX14527, MAX8887, DS3231M, MAX8881

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Displaying Heart Waveforms Visually


“The name of the game is miniaturization and low power, and Maxim has the best solution for both.”
 -Arvind Thiagarajan, CEO, HD Medical

Featured products: MAX32620, MAX14690, MAX1703, and Maxim battery monitors

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Do-It-Yourself IoT Chips


"The MAX77734 is a great chip for managing different power rails in wearables and space-constrained designs.”
-Omar Alnaggar, Director of Hardware Engineering, zGlue

Featured product: MAX77734

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Helping Listeners Feel Music 


“We wanted a high-quality, reliable, and highly efficient (audio amplifier) solution, and Maxim’s MAX98357A had all of the features we needed.”
 -Jukka Linjama, CTO and Partner, Flexound Systems

Featured product: MAX98357A

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Building an Energy-Efficient, Maintenance-Free House


"3.2W of clean I2S audio from a MAX98357A Class D amplifier means the best sound in the least space for a Raspberry Pi or other I2S sources”
 -Martin Winston, Editor, Newstips Bulletin

Featured products: MAX98357A, MAX44009

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Boosting Sight for the Visually Impaired


“It’s all the little things that Maxim helped us with which add up to make a significant difference.”
 -Patrick Antaki, Co-Founder and President, Evergaze

Featured products: Maxim lens driver, MAX44009, MAX8834, MAX77818, Maxim overvoltage protector ICs

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Meeting Food Quality Criteria


"For our purpose, the iButton is the perfect choice because it’s so small, robust, and can be reused many times.”
 -Dr. Thijs Defraeye, Laboratory for Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles, Empa

Featured product: DS1922L

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Remote Health Monitoring


"Maxim believes in the wearable world and is working to bring out more technology that minimizes the real estate required.”
 -Dan Atlas, Co-founder and CTO, ATLASense Biomed

Featured products: Various Maxim ICs

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Making Clothes Smarter


“Maxim support enabled us to use these parts effectively, and we created a design that is more or less without compromise.”
 -Dylan Jackson, Lead Embedded Engineer, Spire

Featured products: MAX30110 and MAX17223

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Protecting PIN Pad Transactions


“My relationship with Maxim started many years ago. It’s a very successful one because Maxim offers a complete system, deep expertise in PCI-PTS requirements, and good local support.”
 -Jorge Ribeiro, CEO, Gertec

Featured products: MAX32550

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Fast, Modular Design System


“Using our revolutionary system, designers can meet their needs in the shortest time.”
 -Pedro Pelaez, Technical Director, TNFG

Featured products: MAX30101, MAX44005, MAX8814, voltage regulators, and optical bio analog front-end

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Delivering Tiny PoE Devices


“The Maxim peak-current-mode controller is only 3mm x 3mm. Because of its size and its high level of integration, we were able to reduce our whole module size by about half.”
 -Devesh Agarwal, CEO, Infomart

Featured products: Maxim peak-current-mode controller

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Enabling Independence with Dignity


“The key decision point on these [Maxim] ICs was the ability to get the best possible fuel gauge and battery state information.”
 -Jon Guy, VP of Engineering, UnaliWear

Featured products: MAX77818, MAX17201, MAX44009, MAX2693, MAX8969, MAX16125 dual pushbutton controllers, MAX8841 LDO voltage regulators, MAX14634 bidirectional battery switches

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Safeguarding Desktop PCs


"Security is a lot easier with Maxim."
 -Olivier Boireau, CEO, Design SHIFT

Featured products: Maxim MAX32550

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Scalable, Virtual Medical Care 


“We were looking to disrupt one of the biggest industries of the world—healthcare—and we’re doing it with Maxim sensors and processors.”
 -Dr. Samir Qamar, Founder and CEO, MedWand Solutions

Featured products: Maxim sensors, processors, and power management, and audio ICs

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Solar Power in Shady Places


“Maxim’s junction box integrated cell-string optimizer has given us maximum design and layout flexibility to put panels on multiple roof planes without compromising performance.”
 -Anand Janaswamy, SVP, Product Development and Utilization at OneRoof Energy

Featured products: Cell-string optimizers

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Cost-Effective, Efficient Solar 


“The JinkoMX modules (with Maxim cell-string optimizers) provide technology that helps mitigate shading issues at a price point below other alternatives.”
 -Caleb Arthur, CEO, Missouri Sun Solar

Featured products: Cell-string optimizers

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Portable Ultrasound for Remote Care


“The MAX2082 transceiver is optimized for high-channel count, high-performance portable and cart-based ultrasound systems.”
 -Anakin Choung, COO, Healcerion Co.

Featured products: MAX2082, MAX4968B

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Safer, Easier Mobile Payments


"Maxim is an outstanding vendor in terms of safety in the industry. Using the MAX32555 provides a strong safety guarantee for us."
 -Marco Ma, Beijing Weipass Panorama Information Technology Co.

Featured product: MAX32555

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